Healthy Lunch: Sandwiches

Using different types of bread can make lunch boxes more interesting. Try granary, wholemeal and raisin bread, multi-grain and seed rolls, mini wholemeal baguettes, bagels and wholemeal pitta. If your child refuses to eat brown bread at first, try buying ‘whole white’ sliced bread (white bread with one-third wholemeal flour). Or you could make a […]

Healthy Lunch: Something different

Why not add something a bit different to your child’s lunchbox… In the summer, salads are light and refreshing and full of essential vitamins and minerals.  Try to include a variety of different salad vegetables – for example radish, grated carrot, spinach, tomato and spring onion.  You could also sprinkle an assortment of seeds over […]

Healthy Lunch: Alternative to Sweets

Fruit salad makes a great dessert.  You can make an exotic version with blueberries, raspberries and grapes, or a more traditional version with apples, bananas, grapes and oranges.  This will count toward your child’s five a day portions of fruit and veg. Try adding a handful of dried fruit Instead of cakes, chocolates and biscuits; […]

Reducing salt, fat and sugar

When you are choosing food’s for your child’s lunchbox, always try to watch out for the levels of salt, fat and sugar. If you are buying foods, you can find out how much salt, fat and sugar they contain by looking at the label. Reducing salt Always check food labels for the salt or sodium […]

Idea’s for home learning

Idea’s for learning at home Going on visits; – Go to: Lots of free places – parks, museums, city farms • The local shops • The laundrette • The post office • Places where you can take a picnic • A canal or river • A parent’s place of work for an outing • An […]