Healthy Lunch: Sandwiches

Using different types of bread can make lunch boxes more interesting. Try granary, wholemeal and raisin bread, multi-grain and seed rolls, mini wholemeal baguettes, bagels and wholemeal pitta.
If your child refuses to eat brown bread at first, try buying ‘whole white’ sliced bread (white bread with one-third wholemeal flour). Or you could make a sandwich from one slice of white bread and one slice of brown/wholemeal bread.

  • Always try to add a little salad to a sandwich
  • To avoid soggy sandwiches, make sure that you dry salad with kitchen paper or a salad spinner before you add it to the sandwich. Or you could put cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes in a separate bag.
  • Pick low-fat sandwich fillings, such as lean meats, including ham or turkey, fish (such as tuna or salmon), cottage cheese, Edam, mozzarella or sliced banana.

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