March 2018 Newsletter

March already and everyone’s looking forward to spring and a little less snow!


Parents should register this month for summer 30 hour place
Parents with children who will be aged three by the summer term should register for a 30 hours funded place by end of February. HMRC has advised that new parents need to register by 28 February to guarantee an eligibility code. Without this code, they won’t be able to receive funding for the additional entitlement.

Whilst it may still be possible to register for the summer term as late as 31 March, it is advisable to register as early as possible and ahead of the end of February deadline.


Unacceptable behaviour policy


We believe the following are unacceptable behaviours on or near our premises:

  • Violence
  • Threats against a person or the Kindergarten
  • Bullying (physical, verbal, psychological, cyber, homophobic)
  • Harassment (racial or sexual)
  • Vandalism
  • Rudeness/raised voices
  • Bad language


Parents and visitors are reminded that the Kindergarten operates a zero tolerance to any of these behaviours.


In the event of unacceptable behaviour the following actions by the Kindergarten may be applicable:

  • The person responsible will be asked to leave immediately.
  • The police will be involved.
  • The child’s place at the Kindergarten will be forfeited.
  • Re-entry by the person responsible will be denied.
  • Civil/criminal proceedings will be instigated.


All individual occurrences will be dealt with appropriately ensuring that all parties are listened to and evidence gathered.  An entry will be made in the Kindergartens incident book and Ofsted informed.


Parents are reminded of the Kindergarten’s complaints procedure which is available for inspection in the hallway.


Family portraits

Don’t forget Sunday 4th March.  Everyone should have their allotted time slot by now.



Please note that we cannot accept cancellations in the summer term.  These places are very difficult to fill so late in the year.


Absence from Kindergarten

It is a legal requirement that we monitor all absence from Kindergarten.  Please telephone if your child is going to be absent form kindergarten for any reason.



These are displayed outside the classrooms



Due to a shortfall in Government funding, increase in the minimum wage and new pension regulations, the committee have decided to increase the fees by £1.50 a session with effect form 1 April 2018.  Even with the increase we offer a competitive service compared to other nurseries in the area.  The increase will help us to continue our high levels of service to your children.


Spaces in September

Any changes in hours for September let Ana know as soon as possible


World book day



Please note that all outstanding nursery fees are now due. Please make sure all outstanding amounts are cleared as soon as possible


Summer term

Please note that The Kindergarten closes on Friday 23rd March at 3.15am for Easter break.  The Kindergarten reopens on Monday 9th April at 8.45am for summer term.


Quote of the month


“You stand out like a strawberry in a bowl of peas” aged 4yrs


Sell, buy or swap.

If you have anything to sell, buy or swap, we can put a small ad here (space permitting) or on the wall in the hallway.


Old Town Canoe


Excellent condition

Paddles & life jackets

Bargain £899

Contact the office


Thank you for all your support


Ana & the BK team

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