September 2018 Newsletter







Blundellsands Kindergarten

September 2019

Welcome back after the summer holidays.

Where did the summer go?


Here we are again at the start of another year. A warm welcome to both our returning families and beginners.


We have lots of plans for both rooms this term so keep a look out for the monthly news.



We hope to run both yoga and Spanish classes again this year. Of course this is depending on interest. If you are interested, please complete the slip at the end of the news. The cost is £4.00 per session.



We will try to accommodate any changes in attendance times and days, but Ana’s options are limited, so please only request a change if absolutely necessary and give as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment.


Any reduction in hours attended is subject to 4 weeks’ notice.



A warm welcome to Cathy Bellamy who joins us from Merchant Taylors. Cathy is a fully qualified teacher and will be working with Tess this year.



This year you will find Louise and Jazz in Seahorses and Tess and Cathy in Starfish. Susie and Sophie will be helping out in both rooms when needed.


We continue to support Edge Hill University with their work placement scheme, so you may see some other faces in the building over the coming months. We will introduce the students nearer the time. Please note all students are DBS checked and fully inducted before entering the classrooms.



You may have noticed the improvements we have made to the hallway and changing area over the summer. These improvements were funded by the money raised from the summer BBQ and other fund raising events last term.


A BIG thank you to all those who supported these events.



Information on this term’s classroom topics will be displayed on the wall outside the class rooms, in the hallway.


Family and friends display

Please bring in photographs for our Family & Friends Display in both class rooms. The children love to look at each other’s pictures. It always prompts a good conversation.



Please ensure that your child’s clothes and lunch box are clearly labelled. Similar items can get mixed up because they are not named properly. ‘My name tags ‘offer a sticker solution without the need to iron or sew.

Any unnamed items left behind will be put into the lost property box, situated in the hall.



Invoices for the autumn fees will be issued shortly. The kindergarten relies on prompt payment of all fees and your cooperation is appreciated. Fees can be paid monthly or half termly; by standing order, cheque or cash. Due to admin. we ask for any amount under £100 to be paid in one go.


Parent’s survey

Thank you to everyone who responded to the parents survey. We still need to make a detailed analysis of the feedback, but two key areas are immediately apparent:



Many of you commented on the website and felt it wasn’t user friendly. In response to this we have completely revamped the site. Please take a look and let us know what you think.

Congestion in the hallway

At busy times the hallway can become crowded and this was a concern to some of you. Whilst it is not possible to enlarge the hallway we have made significant improvements which should help.

We have also taken the decision not to allow prams or buggies into the building. These can be stored undercover outside the classroom windows. If you require any assistance please ask.


New post box and meter cabinet


A big thank you to Christopher’s parents for donating our new post box and repairing the meter cabinet. Even the postman commented on how nice it looked!


Sell, buy or swap.


If you have anything to sell, buy or swap, we can put a small ad here (space permitting) or on the wall in the hallway.


Thank you for all your support


Ana & the BK Team



Blundellsands Kindergarten


I would like……………………………..(name) to attend:


Spanish (cost £4) yes / no

Yoga (cost £4)       yes / no

Parents signature……………………


Dates will be confirmed when we know exact numbers.

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